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Our Team

EMB associates at exhibit booth, DIA 2019 (photo)We measure experience in decades.

With an average of more than 20 years of industry experience per team member, you'll know your project will be handled by only senior-level professionals.

<< EMB team members (left to right) Lisa Spielman, Brenda Bishop, and Mike Mosier present at DIA 2019 in San Diego.

Ed Brown, PhD (image)

Ed Brown, PhD
Executive Director

From managing medical research data to teaching biostatistics to supporting theoretical statistics via numerical analysis, Ed's career has spanned an extraordinary range. He left the academic arena to start EMB with a close group of colleagues from the university and Pharma. With more than 30 years of industry experience, he's compiled a wealth of knowledge that enables EMB to continue its steady growth under his leadership.

EMB Biostatisticians

Seasoned leaders of numerous complex studies, EMB offers biostatistics expertise found in few other CROs.

Mike Mosier (image)

Mike Mosier, PhD
Director, Biostatistics

Natural lead with diverse industry experience and lots of FDA face time. Well-published, Mike remains academically active and enhances our projects with his marathoner's drive and fortitude.

Michael Ames (image)

Michael Ames, PhD
Distinguished Biostatistician

Extensive experience with trials in oncology, neurology, immunology/infectious diseases, and gastroenterology. Michael has a background in both industry and academics.

Kelsey Brown (image)

Kelsey Brown, MS

Solid experience in Phase I studies with diverse and complex designs. Kelsey’s impressive achievements across numerous indications make her a strong and capable lead.

David Donley (image)

Dave Donley, PhD
Principal Biostatistician

Specialist in the design, analysis and publication of Phase II-IV clinical trials, as well as serving on DSMBs. Dave has experience in a wide range of indications with expertise in adaptive design.

Dawn DuBois (photo)

Dawn DuBois, MS
Principal Biostatistician

Meticulous and detail-driven lead, thereby a frequently requested and respected member of any team. Dawn's wealth of experience includes FDA Advisory Panel presentation and ten NDAs.

Alex Karanevich (image)

Alex Karanevich, PhD

Specialized in Bayesian statistics, adaptive trial designs and R environment. Alex strengthens our statistical capabilities and enhances our connectivity to academics in this growing field.

Karla McKenzie (image)

Karla McKenzie, MS
Senior Biostatistician

Provides critical behind-the-scenes team support with her extensive knowledge in the analysis and reporting of studies. Karla's industry work is impressive, making her an invaluable team member.

Bruce Morrill (image)

Bruce Morrill, MS
Principal Biostatistician

Impeccable credentials in Phase I-III studies with 18 NDAs. Although Bruce continues to work on randomization and PK summaries, his role as EMB's internal advisor allows him to focus on his research.

EMB Statistical Programmers

With extensive experience in many different therapeutic areas, our programmers have successfully directed an exceptional number of intricate and diverse studies and deliver SAS® expertise to projects large and small.

Elizabeth Dennis
Principal Statistical Programmer

Embodies the perfect combination of knowledge, precision and speed. Elizabeth's positive leadership on projects is felt immediately, while her exacting approach and expertise with CDISC ensures success.

Suzanne Maninger (image)

Ruth Johnson
Senior Statistical Programmer

A highly skilled SAS programmer on Phase I-IV studies spanning a signficant array of therapeutic areas. EMB depends on Ruth's expertise in SDTM, ADaM, annotated CDISC CRFs, and TLF specifications.

Suzanne Maninger (image)

Suzanne Maninger, MPH
Principal Statistical Programmer

True cornerstone, her project leadership ranges from data management through report generation.  Among her many specialties, Suzanne excels in EDC support, CDISC, and ISE/ISS data integration.

Marc Meyer, MS
Principal Statistical Programmer

Statistician who prefers statistical programming, which provides big-picture insight to the analyses and reports being generated. Among his many areas of expertise, Marc is our SAS/Graph specialist.

Belinda Pierson, MA
Principal Statistical Programmer

Solid mathematical background and mind for analysis is the basis for an accomplished statistical programmer. Belinda is quick, accurate and detail-oriented, and she strengthens our CDISC capabilities.

Jennifer Savage Sales, MS
Senior Statistical Programmer

Educated in information systems while offering an in-depth programming perspective. With both CRO and Pharma experience, Jennifer has served many roles and responsibilities while providing solutions to unique problems.

Amy Winters (image)

Amy Winters
Principal Statistical Programmer

Meticulous, dedicated and precise are qualities making her a crucial team member. A key part of our CDISC group, Amy is noted for going the extra mile to ensure timelines are met for our sponsors.

EMB Data Management

These pros are more than specialists in organizing data for analysis and reporting. They welcome challenging projects, managing large, complicated studies and adapting databases to dynamic changes. And that's because they've been there before many times.

Bev Brown (image)

Bev Brown
Director, Data Management

Strong leader with excellent SAS skills and a broad perspective – ranging from database formation to TLG generation, Phase I to NDAs. Bev specializes in dictionary coding and laboratory data consolidation.

Tracie Evans (image)

Tracie Evans, CCDM
Principal Data Manager

Detail-minded problem solver, with a proven track record in U.S. and global projects. Working with both paper and EDC systems, Tracie has established herself as a critical component to project team success.

Cora Jenkins (image)

Cora Jenkins
Senior Data Manager

Adept manager of our data entry and clerical staff. Cora ensures the smooth flow of data in the face of complex challenges ranging from protocol amendments to timelines to changing processes.

Kim Krouse (image)

Kim Krouse
Principal Data Manager

Top-shelf data management experience managing, reviewing, auditing research data. With a background in large, global pharmaceutical companies, Kim is a key team member on EMB data projects.

Kristin Pearson (image)

Rick Moore
Principal Database Programmer

Focused on leading EDC operations at EMB. Rick has comprehensive industry experience, including data management programming and processes, SDTM and statistical programming support.

Kristin Pearson (image)

Kristin Pearson, CCDM
Principal Data Manager

Dedicated and focused data manager with effective communication skills and global experience. Kristin is specialized in CRF design using CDASH, providing EDC oversight and auditing project databases.

EMB Support Team

Linda Bennett (photo)

Linda Bennett, MBA
Senior Data Manager
Business Manager

Brenda Bishop (photo)

Brenda Bishop, MBA
Director, Business Development

Lori McConnell (photo)

Melanie Edwards, MMIS, RHIA
Principal Project Manager

Lori McConnell (photo)

Lori McConnell
Director, Data Quality Assurance

Jeremy Pennington (photo)

Sandy Moon, MBA
Business Manager

Jeremy Pennington (photo)

Jeremy Pennington, CISSP
Director, Information Technology

Lisa Spielman (photo)

Lisa Spielman
Director, Project Management

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