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We focus on what we do best. You won't find us trying to be everything to everybody. Our experts are specialists in their respective areas, and our clients appreciate that.

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Learn more about our specialized services in CDISC, DMC/DSMB, and EDC.

Data Management icon

Data Management

Certified Clinical Data Managers (CCDM)
29+ years average experience
Electronic data capture support

Our Services

  • Protocol to CRF design
  • Database design
  • CDISC compliance (CDASH/SDTM)
  • Data management plan (DMP)
  • Data edit checks
  • Coding (MedDRA and WHO Drug)
  • External data import/transfers
  • Database audit plan
  • Data reconciliation
  • Custom reports
  • Data vizualization and analytics
SAS Programming icon

SAS Programming

Statistics or math majors (Ph.D., M.S., B.S.)
24+ years average experience
Beginning-to-end perspective

Our Services

  • SDTM specifications/programming
  • ADaM specifications/programming
  • Define.xml and reviewers guides
  • CDISC validation and compliance
  • Safety lab conversion/standardization
  • TLF generation (appendix or in-text)
  • ISS/ISE data integration (US/global)
  • Data surveillance
  • Adjudication support
  • Patient profiles
Stat Analysis icon

Stat Analysis

Doctorate- and master’s-level staff
22+ years average experience
Insightful and astute leadership

Our Services

  • Early study planning
  • Power/Sample size estimation
  • Randomization (static or adaptive)
  • Statistical Analysis Plan + mock TLFs
  • Analysis (interim, final, meta, exploratory)
  • PK/PD analysis and reporting
  • Statistical writing (protocol, CSR, publications)
  • ISS/ISE support for global submissions
  • DMC/DSMB support (blinded or unblinded)
  • IRT validation
  • US/EU/Canada/Japan submission defense

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